frustrated with Lower back pain?

Aches and pains affecting how you move? Pain stopping you getting out and about? Struggling to kneel or bend? Want to move without pain? Just want to be able to get on with your life?

Getting older, want to feel fitter and stronger, but need some motivation?

Find the gym boring and don’t know what exercises you should be doing? Like the thought of a fitness class but worried you won’t be able to keep up?


Got niggles from sitting all day or training too hard?

Stretching making no difference? Feel like something may ping? Want to nip it in the bud before it turns into something chronic?

Beginners Core and Back Strength 6 week Course

Weak core? Never exercised before? Want and need a stronger back?

This Core and Back strength course is aimed at helping those who feel stress and strain in their lower back and have done little to no exercises before and would like a bit more 1:1 coaching.

A strong core will make every single movement you make easier. If you are feeling tight or stiff in the hips, this will help you too.

Course dates: Every Friday from 27 September for 6 weeks

Time: 11am (1hr)

The 6 week progressive course will:

  • help you identify and learn how to rectify postural issues

  • help you build awareness of your body

  • teach you how to stabilise through your torso

  • build strength in your core (torso and glutes)

  • use your core to stabilise you in your every day movements.

The course is only open to 6 participants, in order to allow for lots of individual coaching.

Fee: £99

Contact me to reserve your space

client success stories

Jacky, Twickenham said "I was in so much pain, I couldn’t bend or twist; I was miserable. After my first treatment, the pain lifted, it was like magic. I didn’t think anything could help me and I certainly didn’t think massage could make such a difference."

John, Kingston said “My lower back was really sore, having a history of disc issues, any lower back pain reoccurence is bad news. I needed to get it dealt with quickly before it got worse. Within a few minutes, Sabrina released the tightest area in my glutes freeing up my lower back.  Understanding my body better allows me to prevent pain building and therefore preventing injury in the long term.”

Jane, Kingston said “I felt my fitness levels decreasing, despite being a regular swimmer in the past. At 56, I felt I needed to get up and get moving to maintain my health and fitness levels. I was anxious as I haven’t been part of a fitness group before. I was worried I would be unable to keep up, but was looking forward to being on track to better fitness. Working with Sabrina has been really fun, and I have surprised myself at how much I have enjoyed the challenge. I am stretched to push myself but never feel that it is all too much, or out of my comfort zone. Sabrina is encouraging, welcoming and supportive. I am loving it!”

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