Feeling older than you are?

Fed up with your body not moving right? Just want to be able to get on with your life without the daily aches and strains?

Not exercised for a while and not really sure what exercise is best for you?

If you haven’t exercised for a while, your body will not be used to the new movement. Your body is accustomed to your day to day habits, so if you sit for a living, your body becomes an expert at sitting.

Weakness and imbalance

If you are used to doing the same activities day in and day out, your body is stronger in certain areas than others.

Muscles in the body work in pairs, if one side of the pair is much weaker, it doesn’t have the ability to provide the counter strength required by the stronger muscles pull. Some muscles end up working much harder than others.

Lack of warm up

If you spend the majority of your time sedantary, warming up is crucial in preventing injuries. A good warm up will get joints moving and increase blood flow to the muscles, in turn helping them feel more supple allowing you to move better.

Tightness, lack of flexibility, stiff muscles

If your body is not used to movement, muscles become stiff and you lose flexibility. Trying to push yourself out of your normal range of movement too quickly can cause damage. Massage / soft tissue therapy can help your body regains its normal range of movement.

How can I prevent injury?

If you are prone to injury, strength training should form the basis of your training. It doesn’t need to be fancy, you just need to identify which areas to focus on. Strength training not only protects your from future injury, it can also help you with you perform your chosen sport better.

I don’t want big muscles

Strength training doesn’t usually lead to massive muscles, unless that’s your objective. Strength training will improve your muscle mass so you will look and feel more toned. Increased muscle mass will also improve your metabolism, so if you are trying to lose some weight, this is the way to go.

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