Niggles preventing you from performing your best?

Tightness affecting your run? Stretching providing only short term relief? Can’t bear the thought of having to rest?

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Want to be able to train harder?

Improve your performance without the fear that something is about to snap?

Do you get mixed advice from friends, fellow runners or Google on what you should do? No idea what is actually wrong with you? Want to get rid of the guesswork so you can focus on your next race?

Stop asking Google

I am offering free 15 minute “Get rid of my niggle” chats on the phone so you can get real advice and recommendations regarding your niggles and/or injuries. It can be stressful not knowing how long you need to rest for, or what you can do to improve the situation, so why don’t you put your mind at ease and speak to someone who does know.

Book your complimentary 15 minute “Get rid of my niggle” call or send a message to book your appointment.

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During your complimentary chat, you will

  • Work towards uncovering the cause of your pain/niggle.

  • Learn how sports and remedial massage could benefit you.

  • Find out if there are things you can be doing to improve your recovery.

  • Decide if sports and remedial massage is right for you.

Should you decide Sports Massage is right for you, treatments are at

JY Physiotherapy, Canbury Business Park, Kingston KT2 6HJ

Boco Yoga and Pilates in Surbiton, 6 Electric Parade, KT6 5NT

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John dreaded the thought of having to rest when all he wanted to do was run...

My legs had been feeling tight for a while making running painful. It got to the stage where I had to stop after just a few minutes into the run. After speaking to Sabrina about the potential cause, I felt assured that booking a sports massage was the right thing to do. If you want to prevent injury, sports massage with Sabrina is the way forward. I am a convert.

Don’t want to waste time on the injury bench?

Sports and remedial massage therapy can not only treat injury helping you recover faster, but more importantly it can prevent injury by restoring balance and giving overworked muscles a break. So if you are fed up and just want to get back to your training, book your free 15 minute call now. What have you go to lose?

How Can I help through a phone call?

If you are feeling aches, pains or tightness, this is a sign that something is not right. Muscles tighten up for different reasons - overuse, instability at a joint, protecting an injury, imbalance, tiredness.

During your call, I will ask you questions about your discomfort, the way you move, how long it has been going on, when it started, what have you done to treat it, amongst others. This will provide me with an overview of what is potentially behind your problem. We then decide if Sport and remedial massage is the right treatment for you.

Discussing your ‘niggle’ with myself - an Exercise and Sports Massage Professional - will provide you with the knowledge on what to do next or who to contact.

Runners are prone to overuse injures due to the repetitive nature of your sport. I’ve had my fair share. Sometimes, a bit of time off gives your body enough time to recover and rebuild itself, however if you go back too soon and/or push too hard before your body is ready, injury is likely to follow. Severity of injury can vary and this is when getting an assessment early could save you weeks on the injury bench.