Niggles getting in The way of your Training?

Whether you are new to exercise or been doing it for years, at some point you are likely to pick up a niggle or two. Some disappear on their own but others, if left untreated, turn into injuries.

Why do we get them?

If you’re new to exercise, your body is not used to the movement. Muscles will have become stiff and you’ll have lost flexibility. The new movement is forcing your body to move in ways it isn’t used to, so you may be feeling your muscles trying to stretch.

If you’ve been training for years, but doing the same routines, repetitive stress could be behind your niggles. Repetitive behaviours like running can create imbalances forcing some muscles to work harder than others.

What can I do to get rid of niggles?

Rest to ensure it’s not just you over working yourself.

Stretching and foam rolling is good for tight shortened muscles.

If this is having no effect, you should book in for a sports massage. A good therapist will assess your posture and ask questions about your activities and work to identify the reason behind your niggles.

Deep tissue massage will release areas of tension and allow you to move freely.

A good therapist will tell you how to prevent the niggles from returning and in turn keep you free from injury.

Do you want to enjoy your Workout without the nagging feeling that something might pop?  

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