The Best Foot Massage

bangkok massage shop.JPG

Thai Foot Massage is big business in Thailand, you will see rows and rows of loungers everywhere and by evening, said loungers tend to be occupied. During our recent visit to Thailand, we decided to have a foot massage in China Town at Sarpuri Thai Spa, near where we were staying.

When we entered the massage shop (yes it is a shop, I would not describe it as a spa – not by UK standards), we took the last two seats for an hour long foot massage.  The treatment begun with a foot wash in lemon and hot water.  This was the part I found the most ticklish.  They then wrapped my feet in a hot towel before beginning the treatment. 

A foot massage in Thailand and most of Asia is actually a lower leg massage.  They will massage your feet all the way up to your knee and sometimes into your quads or adductors (inner thighs).  This massage uses oil and is a mix of pressure points and rubbing.  It’s amazing!

The lady started with my left leg, my least problematic foot and worked really hard around the sole and malleolus (the knobbly bit of the ankle bone), then into my calf and shin.  I found it quite hard to relax whilst she worked on the left foot/leg but bizarrely when she moved to my right foot, I felt like she’d released some serious tension and felt all light, even though my right foot is my problem area.  

When working the foot, pressure is applied to specific areas of the soles of the feet as in reflexology. In turn, a reflex reaction occurs in another part of the body, which is stimulated by the manipulation of a specific part of the foot. Sometimes, they will use a small wooden stick, which my partner experienced when he had a foot massage at Wat Pho, or they just use the power of their hands.

Thai foot massage is meant to be beneficial for overall health, but if you have tired feet and legs from long days of standing and walking, then this treatment will make you feel wonderful.

I felt the lady really addressed the areas of tension and did a fabulous job.  Once the feet and legs had been completed, she did a bit of work on my neck, skull and shoulders.  It’s standard in Thailand to have some upper body work done even though you’ve requested a foot massage.  The body is connected throughout so it makes sense that they would finish off with some more stretching of the back, neck and shoulders.   

I really enjoyed this massage.  I thought it was excellent.