Downward dog with some dogs in Koh Phangyan

Yoga studio looking out to the beach

Yoga studio looking out to the beach

When planning our holidays, we like them to be active, so on a recent trip to Thailand, we looked to do a bit of yoga at the end of our stay.  The closest one to us offering drop in Vinyasa classes was Samma Karuna, opposite the Art Café, after Haad Chao Pao beach.  Classes are held in an outdoor studio and are suitable for all levels.  

There were about 15 in our class of mixed abilities.  Thankfully, the teacher was feeling tired that day so was delivering an ‘easy’ class.  It was too hot and sweaty to be belting out anything more than 'easy".  

Before the class started, we were joined by a pack of dogs where wanted to play.  They clearly thought we were all there waiting for them.  Thankfully, they quickly settled down and joined the class quietly, by lying next to various yogis.

The class was 90 mins long and started with some breathing and chanting, then into some easy vinyasa flow.  This quickly progressed to warrior poses and triangles.  The teacher and her helper would come round and make adjustments where required.  On some of the more advanced poses, adjustments were optional.   There were many back bends, which aren't a favourite of mine, but we were never forced to do anything we weren't happy doing. 

The class was far from easy, but nice to have a good stretch and bring movement back into the hips after many long hours of sitting on planes, busses and mini van taxis.  I hadn't realised just how stiff I'd become. 

If we had been staying longer with more free days, we would have gone for more sessions.  They offer Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes along side yoga.