How Will A Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage Feel?

A common question people ask is: will a sports massage / deep tissue massage hurt?

This very much depends on the individual.  Deep tissue massage feels different for everyone.  People may be suffering different conditions, conditions may be chronic or acute, they have different levels of fitness and they have different pain thresholds. 

It doesn't have to be painful to be effective

Deep tissue massage doesn't have to be painful to be effective, nor do you have to feel sore for days after. 

If you are suffering from tight, overused muscles, it is likely there may be some discomfort but clients usually find that the discomfort is outweighed by the relief they feel afterwards. 

As a therapist, my aim is not to make the massage hurt, but rather to achieve the desired affect - that is relaxed, supple muscles. 

Everyone is unique - what we feel and experience is different

Massage techniques can be adapted to suit the needs of each unique client.  This ensures that they are comfortable with the massage they receive.

The human body is designed to move; when muscles are forced to take on static positions for long periods of time, they become dysfunctional. Likewise, repetition can cause dysfunction.  Soft tissue dysfunction can occur from being active as well as being a sedentary desk worker.

Exercising can often be very repetitive eg running, cycling, or swimming, to name a few.  You body is required to do the same movements over and over again which can lead to muscular imbalances.  Imbalance is what causes the strain. 

Sitting at a desk can also cause overuse injuries. You force the body to sit at a desk for over 7 hours a day - chest muscles become tight and upper back muscles become overstretched and overworked. 

As muscles become tight, blood flow is reduced and the tissue hardens. When you finally book in for your massage, your muscles are already taut and stiff.  Any pressure applied the the area is likely to cause discomfort, in effect,  it's not really the massage causing pain but rather your lifestyle.

Frequent treatments will keep you supple and pain free

A regular massage and frequent stretching will keep your muscles supple.  This will prevent the build up of tension which is the cause of pain. The frequency of your massage really depends on your level of activity and how you are feeling. Some people benefit from weekly massages, whilst monthly is enough for others.

Sports massage is for everyone, you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from it.   

I, personally have used sports massage and sports therapy to treat a number of my own problematic areas. Sometimes it's been uncomfortable, other times it's been invigorating, then there are times when it's been very relaxing.  It's important to find a therapist that is right for you and understands your needs. Inform your therapist on the issue you face and what you want help with, communication is key to getting the massage that is right for you. 

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