Are you stuck on the fence when it comes to getting fit?

Have you been toying with the idea of getting fit and losing weight, but you’re still not sure?  You feel anxious, unsure, unable to make a decision about getting started? That’s okay, a lot of people do. You can help put your mind at ease by preparing yourself.

Have you got the all clear?

Visit your doctor for a full check-up and get the all clear on what you can do.  Discuss any pain or health problems that might affect your workouts. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or heart disease will influence how you exercise. This will help put your mind at ease before starting a new exercise regime.


Ask yourself why you want to get fit and start exercising? Being honest with yourself on why you want to start exercising should provide you with the motivation you are seeking.  You may say ‘because you want to lose weight’ but WHY?  Why is losing weight important to you?  Is it so you can feel good in your clothes again? Is it so your thighs won’t chafe?  Is it so you won’t get out of breath walking to the shops? Is it so you can enjoy life without worrying about what you can’t do? 

Now you’ve figured out why you want to get fit, it’s time to decide where you want to do this.


Do you want to join a gym? A group? Work out at home?  Work out in a park?  Are you going to be doing it alone or do you want to be part of a group? There are plenty of exercises classes being offered everywhere, there’s something for everyone, so even if you dislike one, you can always try another. For example if you enjoy dancing, Zumba might be a good choice, if you don’t like Zumba, maybe it’s Clubbercise. 


Who is going to support you? If you are clueless as to what exercises you should be doing, a gym might be a good place to start as they can provide you with a programme to follow, when you have your induction.  Alternatively, a good personal trainer can provide you with a tailored and fully supported programme, helping you avoid injuring yourself and get results faster.  There are also shed loads of DVDs and online videos you can follow, so think about how confident you are at following what you see without having someone correct you. And more importantly do you have the motivation to follow through or might you end up watching the DVD sitting on your sofa.

If you don’t want to go to the gym on your own, do you have a friend who also wants to get fit?  Get them to join you on your journey, it’s always a lot more fun working out with others. 

What to wear

What you wear to work out in is very much a personal affair.  I suggest you wear something comfortable and easy to move in, a t-shirt with leggings or jogging bottoms works well with a pair of trainers.  When you start out, you don’t need to spend lots of money on fancy active wear.  They’ll soon be too big for you anyway!

How confident are you feeling?  

You know what you are doing, where and with whom.  You are clear on your reasons for starting your fitness journey and your doctor has said it's okay, so what are you waiting for? Are you still stuck on the fence?  Are you sure it's not just a bit of fabric catching on the fence?

If you are still feeling apprehensive, I offer a free session where you can discuss your concerns and what may be holding you back.  It's an opportunity to explore what's causing your anxieties.  I will help you find the confidence to throw yourself in.  Do you want to put your demons to bed and book a free session?