My Story 

I’m Sabrina and I’ve always enjoyed being active.  I can’t imagine not being able to go out an enjoy what the world has to offer and I would very much like this to be the way until I am a ripe old age.

Because of this, I decided I needed to change things and move away from the desk job. Too many of us spend the majority of our lives sat down and we lose the function and control of our bodies.  Many of us suffer from muscular pain on a regular basis.

Fixing my Injuries and more

I used to love running but it came with problems. Running is very repetitive, it creates a whole host of imbalances and having flat feet doesn't help – some of the issues I had actually stopped me running completely, needless to say I wasn’t pleased.

When I changed the way I train, I discovered my body improved. I became more aware of the importance of posture and balance in the body.

I have trained to correct my own imbalances and resolve the twinges, niggles and sometimes downright pain -  lower back pain, shoulder impingement, bursitis, ITB syndrome, pirifomis syndrome, to name a few and build strength where I need it most. 

These days I train to stay active, so I can and will be able to continue to do what I enjoy.  I want to help others feel the same, to not have their body limit them. 

Functional benefits of strength training

Many people don't understand the benefit or function of strength/resistance training, I know I didn't.  It's not all about getting bigger muscles; it actually has a functional purpose. Stronger muscles and joints make your body perform better, not just for sporting events but most importantly when doing every day tasks.

No Need for big heavy weights or machines

I've never been a fan of the gym; I find endless sessions of lifting weights really boring and I hate those huge machines. Exercise doesn't have to be this way.  Your can achieve big rewards with just your body weight.

Ageing does not have to equal pain and weakness

A sedentary lifestyle accelerates the effects of ageing, but by working your major muscle groups, you strengthen joints, increase flexibility and improve the function of your heart and lungs, thus slowing down the effects of ageing.  It's never too late to start.  I focus on working with those in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Why you should work with me

I integrate my skills (sports massage and personal training) to help my clients free themselves from aches, pains and stiffness faster. My integrated process means I can use the knowledge gained from how you move and apply it in your soft therapy treatment and vice versa.

Often clients have already tried other health professionals before they work with me. The challenge they faced was they were lacking a piece of the puzzle each time. I aim to fill that gap by working with you holistically and treating you as a whole rather than separate components.

  • Do you suffer from chronic muscular pain eg lower back pain which makes movement painful?

  • Are you recovering from an injury and unsure how to ease yourself back into exercise?

  • Do you participate in sport but find stretching and foam rolling is no longer enough for the niggles and tension you've developed?

  • Do you spend long hours sitting at a desk or slumped over a steering wheel?

If you responded yes to any of the above, you have nothing to lose by requesting  a free consultation.  This will allow me to better understand you and to work out the best course of action.   

I've personally experienced aches, pains and stiffness myself, so I know how demoralising it can be. I've even had doctors and physios unable to provide relief.  What worked for me was good sports massage and the right exercises; pain and medication should not become the norm.  With the right treatment and therapy, you can be back to living pain free.

I enjoy living an active lifestyle and want you to be able to enjoy an active life too.

Get active. Feel confident. Live happy.

Contact Me

Sabrina Qua - Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

Sabrina Qua - Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

How can i Help you?

Lower back pain - improve your posture, strength and mobility to get rid of pain.

Functional strength - improve your ability to complete day-to-day tasks or perform your sport better. Planning an active adventure break? Train before you go.

Corrective Exercise - Struggle with certain tasks/exercises?  I can help you learn how to move better.

Sports massage - relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, improve relaxation.

Complete beginners - If you're apprehensive about exercise as you've done little to nothing for years, I can help you build your confidence.

Completing my first London Marathon, 2010.

Completing my first London Marathon, 2010.

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia 2016 - Physically and mentally challenging

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia 2016 - Physically and mentally challenging

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