Thinking about starting your fitness journey?

Starting your fitness journey can be scary.  You may have many reservations and anxieties or you may just be confused at what is possible for you.  You may have struggled with the workouts you see online and in magazines and this may have put you off.  The truth of the matter is exercise can be made appropriate for everyone, you just need to be willing to start.  

What about the pain?

So you did it, you started exercising but the next day, you felt like you'd been hit by a bus. Who wants to feel like that right? 

Be honest now, did you spend 2 solid hours at the gym lifting weights you've never lifted before and/or running on a treadmill for the whole time you were there?

I've heard it before, "I went to the gym and then I ached for a week and a half."  This screams rookie mistake!  You literally battered your body.  You made it do things it was not ready for. 

Fit, toned, strong bodies do not happen overnight.  Pounding it for 2 hours at the gym will not result in you having a firm toned body the next day. 

Your body needs time to recover and adapt, so everything should be done in increments and exercise should be made progressively harder over a period of time.  There are no short cuts.

It is perfectly normal to feel sore the day after training, this is called DOMS Delayed onset muscle soreness.  It shouldn't last more than 4-5 days and is a sign you're getting fitter.

If you need help designing your training programme, drop me a line and I can help you put one together that is right for your.

Start living more actively Now

We need to use our muscles or risk losing them.  No one wants to be weak and reliant on others when they're older.  By being more active everyday, not only will you retain muscle mass, you will retain your metabolism. Follow the SQ Active Facebook page for tips on how to live a pain free active life.

This circuit can also be used as a warm up before a more intense workout.

Planks are a fantastic exercise, find out about the benefits and learn how to modify if you can't quite do a full one yet.

Outdoor gyms are becoming a feature of many outdoor spaces - use them!