Can’t kneel or bend without pain? Fed up with your body not moving right? Feeling older than your age? Just want to be able to get on with your life - go for a walk, run, bike ride, play golf, play with the grand-kids, do the gardening?

Want a programme that addresses your limitations, pains and weakness?

Pain does not have to come with age. Pain comes from lack of movement or poor movement patterns. By transforming your posture and improving your strength and mobility, you will also improve your fitness so you can get back to living an active life.

Changing your body takes time. If you want coaching to help you get rid of pain, aches or stiffness so you can move better, you’re in the right place.

How I work:

I deliver programmes that combine soft tissue therapy with corrective exercises and treat you as a whole rather than just your ‘problem area’. Programmes comprise of

  1. Strategic soft tissue work - strategic massage frees restrictions allowing muscles to function better.

  2. Rebalancing muscles - stretch shortened muscles and reactivate inactive, sleepy muscles.

  3. Re-educating movement - integrate everyday movements.

Rehabilitation from chronic muscular aches and injuries takes time and requires different approaches working together. Quite often, people only receive one approach in isolation and thus their condition doesn’t improve or is extremely slow to improve so they give up.

So do you want the freedom that a strong, healthy body provides?

Would you like to be free from Knee pain, stiff hips and/or Lower back pain?

Want a programme that is specific to you?

I offer personalised programmes to address your issues as a whole. I can help you transform your posture, improve your strength and mobility as well as improve your fitness so you can get back to living an active life.

Yes! I’d like a free consultation.