Training Packages


Every one has different training needs, so if you are unsure what's suitable for you you, please drop me a line with your requirements.  Outdoor training can be held in a park / open space in the borough of Kingston/Richmon upon Thames or your garden.

Best Start

Beginning exercise can be a scary and confusing process – what exercise should I choose? How long should I do it for? What weights should I use? How many reps should I do?  Do these sound familiar? Don’t let them stop you from being the fit, healthy, strong person you want to be.

This package will teach you the important things you need to know to exercise safely and effectively. If you have not exercised for a while or you're recovering from an injury, you may be worried that exercise will make you feel worse.  Let me assure you that exercise and movement will actually help you. 

I will help you learn the correct techniques needed to protect your joints.  You will develop your confidence and knowledge so you will be able to exercise effectively on your own. 

Some of the exercises you may learn 

Some of the exercises you may learn 

This 6-week pack comprises of:

  • 6 sessions 
  • x1 session a week @60 mins
  • Home work - specific to your goals
  • Fitness assessment - so you know where you are starting from
  • What you should be eating guide 

Cost: £240

Before I started working with Sabrina, my knees were swollen and weak from a previous operation. I was surprised at how quickly things improved. The knee swelling decreased significantly and I am now able to cycle uphill with ease. Sabrina plans different sessions and homework for me each week, which I enjoy and I feel energised after my workout.

Helen Carrington, 49

Active for Life

You have been exercising for a while but you’re seeing little to no results, perhaps you need help focusing on what it is you want to achieve.  Maybe you're a little bit bored of your current training and you want something more challenging or you want to learn some new techniques.

Active for Life is a rolling programme that will keep you progressing and improving.

  • 1 session a week @60 mins
  • Fitness assessment - so you know where you are starting from
  • Homework - specific to your goals
  • Nutrition review and advice available as an add on (if requested)

Available in a pack of 6 or 12 sessions. Bespoke packages also available.

move better

If you are looking to protect yourself against the effects of ageing, this highly targeted package will help you ensure you maintain a strong, healthy, fit body.  

You receive: 

  • One 60 minute 1-2-1 training session per week
  • Postural assessment to identify areas of imbalance
  • Exercises specific to your needs
  • Homework - to support your goals


  • 6 sessions £240
  • 12 sessions £450

    Virtual Training

    You’re already exercising regularly, you have a good idea of what you would like to achieve, you’re just not sure how to get there.

    For example, your goal may be to run your next 10k race 5 minutes faster than your last one, or maybe you want to do your first pull-up.

    As your virtual personal trainer, I will design a suitable programme to help you achieve your goal unsupervised.  

    You will receive: 

    • 60 minute free consultation either on the phone or in person
    • Personal Programme (upto 12 weeks). 

    Cost: £45 one-off

    If you feel you would benefit from regular telephone coaching to help you progress through your programme, 30-minute telephone check-ins are available at additional cost.  Please contact me for more information on what you require.

    Small Group Training

    This is suitable if you and up to two friends have a similar fitness ability and want to train together to lose weight.

    The benefit is you will get more individual attention - ensuring you are doing the exercises correctly, reducing your risk of injury and you'll have your friends to make it more enjoyable.  

    What kind of training will we receive?

    Each pack comprises of:  

    Circuit style training incorporating cardio and strength.  You'll do body weight exercises, ladder and cardio drills.  

    The goal is to help you burn fat faster than if you were training alone. 

    You'll also gain additional benefits such as improved balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

    Maximum group of 3.

    Small group training classes in Kingston can be held in Canbury Garden, Latchmere Rec, Fairfield Rec or in your own home or garden. 

    Cost: £240 (£60 per 60 min class)

    Classes must be booked as a minimum block of 4.