Training Packages


Personal training is a very individual experience.   Because every one has different training needs, there is no one size fits all.   

Exercise can be a scary and confusing process – what exercise should I choose? How long should I do it for? What weights should I use? How many reps should I do?  Do these sound familiar? Don’t let them put you off.

Because I specialise in working with those who have not exercised for a long time (beginners), those who may be recovering from an injury (post rehab)  and older adults, training with me will allow you to get stronger and fitter and teach you to feel confident training on your own.

My training programmes will consist of various circuits designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. It is also likely to contain some form of corrective exercise to help improve your posture and the way you move.

Before training commences, I will complete a FREE consultation with you. 

This involves: 

  • Clarifying what you'd like to achieve - your reason for training. 
  • Some brief fitness testing to assess your fitness and mobility - this allows me to understand the way your body moves and where you may have deficiencies. 
  • A posture assessment to again allow me to understand where your body may be ill performing and overcompensating.

With the information obtained, we agree your training plan.  

Personal training sessions can be bought in packages of 6 £240 or 12 £450


Before I started working with Sabrina, my knees were swollen and weak from a previous operation. I was surprised at how quickly things improved. The knee swelling decreased significantly and I am now able to cycle uphill with ease. Sabrina plans different sessions and homework for me each week, which I enjoy and I feel energised after my workout.

Helen C, 50