Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy

Fed up with pain or niggles? Body not moving the way it is supposed to? Feel tight? Stretching making no difference? Is the tension making your feel uncomfortable? Worried something is about to ping? Just want to feel relaxed?

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Sports massage therapy can help you restore balance by stretching and loosening off tight areas. Different techniques can be applied depending on your needs and your condition. Often you will also be required to follow a programme of exercises to help you achieve long lasting results.

Treatments are now available at Boco Yoga and Pilates in Surbiton, 6 Electric Parade, KT6 5NT by appointment only.

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Find relief with a massage

Sports massage therapy can help you restore balance by stretching and loosening off tight areas. Different techniques can be applied depending on your needs and your condition.

Tight muscles cause pain and stiffness which can eventually lead to injury, or tightness can be a result of an old injury, either way tight muscles will cause imbalance, restricting your movement making other muscles work harder than they are supposed.  With regular massage, you allow your body to return back to a relaxed resting state; this means pain is reduced as muscles relax.

Where does tightness come from?

There can be many different reasons.

  • Over use

  • Poor posture 

  • Joint instability

  • Muscular imbalance   

  • Previous injuries

By understanding the cause, you can prevent future pain. 

Identifying the root cause of your pain is the best way of eliminating the pain in the long run. I aim to help you identify the reasons behind your discomfort, so you can treat it appropriately, and provide you with exercises and/or stretches to help you restore your normal function.

Sports massage uses a variety of pressures and techniques to help you restore flexibility and range of motion, reduce pain, allowing you to move more freely. 

Who is massage suitable for?

Sports massage and deep tissue therapy is suitable for everyone.  Anyone can develop tight muscles, muscular aches and pains as a result of their lifestyle. Common conditions are tight neck and shoulders, lower back pain and tightness in the legs and hips.

Different types of Sports Massage

Remedial: pain from a recent or old injury? Remedial massage can help your body back to health.

Maintenance: Training hard month on month? Regular maintenance massages should form part of your regular training routine. Routine treatments will iron out any niggles preventing them from building up into bigger problems. They will allow you to train harder with less risk of injury.

Pre-event: do you have an event/ race coming up that you want to be in peak performance for? A pre-events massage is lighter and more invigorating and will help optimise your performance. Book this treatment a few days prior to the event.

Post-event: completed a big race or been training really hard? A post-event massage will help your muscles recover faster by flushing out the toxins, realigning tissue fibres and improving circulation. Book this for a day or two after your event.

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Benefits of massage

  • Relieves pain

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Relieves stress

  • Improves circulation

  • Breaks down adhesions and scar tissue

  • Improves posture

  • Improves flexibility

  • Reduces risk of injury

  • Promotes relaxation 

Feel great, much less tension around neck and shoulders, much ‘lighter’. Sabrina is very professional and personable; she gives a brilliant massage. I’ve had many massages and felt this was up there in my top 10. Totally exceeded expectations.

Vicky - Weybridge
BoCo location

Treatments will be at Boco Yoga and Pilates, 6 electric Parade, Surbiton, KT6 5NT