want to get stronger, move better and lose weight in the process?

Do you feel anxious about exercise because you haven't done any activity for a long time?  Or are you intimidated by the exercises fearing you may not be able to do them? Are you worried that exercise could make your existing aches and pains worse? Exercise doesn't have to be confusing or anxiety inducing. I can help you find what works for you.  

My programmes consist mainly of body weight exercises which can be developed to suit any level and ability, so if you struggled in the past, you have nothing to fear.

Want to get fitter and stronger for something specific?

Do you have a good base level of fitness but you're seeking support with a specific weakness - perhaps your need to strengthen your glutes to help you run faster and stronger or maybe you want to get fit for your activity holiday? 

I can help you work on your areas of weakness, ensuring you are prepared for the task at hand.

Want to look and feel great?

Your training will comprise of several circuits, aimed at improving your cardio fitness whilst building strength to improve your posture, toning and burning fat.

Most exercises are incredibly functional in that they mimic movements that you perform in your daily routine. This means you will improve the way your body moves and feels.  

Your sessions will vary leaving you no time for boredom. If you hate the monotony of treadmills, cross-trainers and stationery cycling then this could be for you.

Want to improve your confidence?

I show you how to do exercises you once thought impossible.  I provide coaching, motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals, so you can feel confident and believe in yourself.

My attitude towards working out has changed since I met Sabrina and I look forward to our sessions. Her sessions have allowed me to achieve doing exercises that I previously thought I could never do!

Niks P, 27

Want to make more of your everyday?

  • You'll be able to go for long walks without needing to rest every 10 minutes.
  • The stairs will no longer leave you breathless or needing to cling to the banister.
  • You'll be able to run for the bus and not feel like you're about to die.  
  • You'll be able to work in the garden for as long as you like without feeling like your back is about to break.
  • You'll be able to move heavy items without having to wait for a strapping young lad to do it for you (although you might want to do that anyway).
  • You'll be able to do things you previously only dreamed of.  

SQ Active Personal Training can benefit you in the following ways

Achieve your goals – being clear on what you want to achieve ensures a focused approach. Many of us find committing to a training programme difficult; a personal trainer will hold you accountable whilst also providing the support and motivation you might need.

Time saver – if you’re serious about achieving your goals, working with a personal trainer will mean more time efficient workouts. No more slogging away on the treadmill for hours on end or doing exercises that don't help you meet your goals. Workout smarter, rather than longer.

Safe workouts – if you don’t know your dumbbell from your barbell, working with a personal trainer will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to work out on your own.  You'll learn how to do exercises correctly, and be provided with modifications and progressions.

Varied and fun – if you’re bored of your usual routine, and fancy something a bit different, a personal trainer will design varied and fun workouts to challenge and develop your whole body.

Diet advice – there are no fad diets when you work with SQ Active. You will however be requested to provide details on your eating habits and you will receive nutritional advice and tips in line with your goals.

Confidence boost - you'll feel good, look amazing and be ready to take on new challenges.

Personal training is not a quick fix programme.  Forget the fad diets, this is about developing life long habits to help you move and feel better.

Where will I train?

If you find the gym intimidating, then you'll be relieved to know your personal training sessions are conducted in your own home/garden or in a local park if you live in the borough of Kingston upon Thames; you will not need to step foot into a gym.

Canbury Gardens is just one of the parks you could be training in.

Canbury Gardens is just one of the parks you could be training in.

Training sessions are designed to fit around your life, so you decide when and where works for you.

I currently deliver personal training in Kingston upon Thames and upto 7 mile radius. Please drop me a line if your query is regarding other locations.

Helen C, 50

Helen C, 50

Before I started working with Sabrina, my knees were swollen and weak from a previous operation. I was surprised at how quickly things improved. The knee swelling decreased significantly and I am now able to cycle uphill with ease.
Helen C, 50