Over 50? long time since you last exercised? Suffer from stiff and tight muscles? Carrying extra weight? want to be fit after 50?

It’s been a long time since you last did any formal exercise.  You suffer from joint stiffness, muscles tension and often have some form of back pain. You feel intimidated by the gym and see it as more of a young person’s place.  You’re not keen on jumping around but you know that exercise is what you need. 

You’ve heard that Yoga and Pilates is good for you, but you’re not sure you can keep up with a class, besides, you’re not that comfortable with having to get up and down from the floor all the time.

You’d like to feel stronger and more flexible so you can confidently book holidays without having to worry too much about how you’ll manage.

you'd like to be in better shape, Enjoy an active retirement, but think that maybe you've left it too late? 

If you've lived a somewhat sedentary life, there is nothing stopping you from being in the greatest shape you've ever been. It's never too late to start improving your health and future proofing your body. The average life expectancy is 81 years - how do you want to spend your next 20 - 30 years? 

Would you like to be free from joint and/or back pain?

Life after 50 does not have to be about aches and pains.  By increasing your strength and flexibility, you'll find that many of your day to day issues disappear.   If you think that stairs will become challenging in the future, train your lower body now to ensure your hip, knees and legs remain strong. Suffer from daily lower back tension - strengthening your glutes and core ensures your back does not have to overwork.

Would you like to be the envy of others?  

By improving your posture, strengthening your core, toning your arms and legs, you'll be able to move better.  This means you can exercise at higher intensities and work to improve the shape of your body.  You'll look confident and feel fabulous.  You'll be the envy of those around you.

Want to look and feel your best, and be fit in your 50s, 60s and beyond??

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