• Tightness and discomfort making your run, cycle or workout uncomfortable? 
  • Think it’ll all be ok if you rest and stretch only to find when you start exercising the same issue returns?
  • Feeling held back?
  • Fed up with resting and taking it slow, missing out on your usual workout making you feel down?
  • Just want to get back to enjoying running, cycling or working out? 

You can! Don't miss out on your next race or class because pain and discomfort is holding you back.

Deal with it now by claiming your FREE Keep me off the injury bench consultation.

  • Learn why stretching alone is not giving long term relief.
  • Understand the cause of the tension.
  • Experience a mini sports massage and feel how it can bring relief.
  • Learn how to take preventative measures and get back to doing the activities you enjoy. 

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These sessions assess your problem, give you my honest advice on the best treatment and a taster of deep tissue sports massage. Deep tissue treatments are used to ease aches and pains, help improve and heal injuries as well as provide relaxation and bring calm to our busy lives.

Want to feel great and be back enjoying your favourite activities? 

Get your problem assessed now. Learn how to feel and move better without medication.

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Jackie, 59 said "I was in so much pain, I couldn’t bend or twist; I was miserable. After my consultation, the pain lifted, it was like magic. I didn’t think anything could help me and I certainly didn’t think massage could make such a difference."

Raquel, 31 said “I’d been suffering from frequent headaches.  I booked a taster session as I was curious about deep tissue massage but was scared it would be painful.  It was amazing.  I felt light and relaxed afterwards.”

John, 36 said “My lower back was really sore, stopping me from running or doing any form of exercise. Within a few minutes, Sabrina released the tightest area in my glutes freeing up my lower back.  I now get regular treatments.”

Steve 58 said, “I'd been afraid to do anything as the pulling in my back was always on my mind. Within a few minutes, my lower back felt complete release.  I had no idea my pain could have been relieved this quickly.”

Fit after 50

Not as fit as you once were?  Feel older than your age?

Want to feel stronger and more flexible and perhaps lose a bit of weight too?

You want to be able to move freely without any aches, stiffness or pain?