Feeling older than your age?

Fed up with your body not moving right? Daily tasks starting to feel harder than they should? Just want to be able to get on with your life?

Want to be able to keep up with you Children and grand-kids? 

If you've lived a somewhat sedentary life, there is nothing stopping you from being in the greatest shape you've ever been. The average life expectancy is 81 years - how do you want to spend your next 20-40 years? 

Do you want to be fit and healthy and free to do as you please long into the future?

Good health offers freedom.

Would you like to be free from joint and/or back pain?

Pain does not have to come with age. By increasing your strength and flexibility, you'll find that many of your day to day aches disappear and tasks you find challenging will become much easier.

Want to look and feel good about yourself?  

Exercising and massage will not only helps you move better, you will feel fitter, have more energy, be able to do things more easily and to top it off, you will feel more confident and happier.

Being functionally fit means your body is trained to cope with the demands of your daily life. This could be sport related or it could be as simple as having the strength to pick up your child, or do the gardening without feeling winded and achey.

Want a programme that is specific to you?

I offer holistic programmes that combine exercise and massage to address your issues as a whole. I can help you improve your fitness as well as help you improve your strength to carry out tasks which right now may feel challenging.

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