Want to lose weight but don't want to give up food you love?


I am a foodie, what can I say - I have always loved food and I truly enjoy eating a good meal, probably why I have to work out so much.

If you choose to work with me, you can be confident in knowing that there will be no fad diets to follow. Ever!

One of my biggest bug bears is ‘diets’ – I’m talking fad diets like Atkins, sugar free, cabbage soup, smoothie cleanse, whatever it is, I can’t stand them.

WAnt to understand why and how food is making you fat?

FACT: our bodies require food.  Food is our fuel.  Think of a car, if you didn’t fill it with petrol, would it work? Unless it runs off diesel or battery you’ll probably find it won’t work very well.

Food has its role but if you overeat, you'll start to gain weight. If you don't eat a lot, it may be you're eating too much of the wrong foods.  Understanding food and drink and how your body uses it will allow you to make lifelong decisions about your diet. 

Want to learn how to eat and not feel like you're missing out? 

Our body requires us to eat a varied diet, so it can get the nutrients it needs to run smoothly.  When you exclude a certain food, or severely restrict what you eat, you’re more likely to develop cravings, which could lead to binge eating.

Healthy living and weight loss does not require you to live your life on salads – how miserable would that be?  Healthy eating does not mean you have to give up foods you love.  Healthy eating does not mean you should feel guilty eating something you perceive to be 'bad'.

Healthy living is about eating a balanced, varied diet with controlled portion sizes. 

I can help you improve your diet so that you can still enjoy the foods you love but lose weight in the process.  

WAnt to quit yo-yo dieting forever?

At some point in our lives, many of us have dealt with our weight gain by going on a diet or two. How long did it last before you were back to where you started, or worse, you had put on even more weight?

I work with you to understand your relationship with food and the role it plays in your life.  I conduct an analysis of your diet and provide you with advice on how it could be improved and how you can make better choices.  I teach you about the importance of a varied diet and the role of the food you consume. 

I can help you learn to eat foods you may have considered 'bad' guilt free.  

Nutrition and diet advice can be bought as part of a personal training package or can be bought as a stand alone service.  Please contact me with your requirements, I'd be happy to talk through how I can I help you.