Living with Low level aches and pains? Poor flexibility? Weight gain? Fed up?

You spend a lot of time in front of a computer, sat at a desk. Your back often twinges and your neck and shoulders feel sore.  You get headaches frequently buy you put this down to a stressful job. You’ve put on weight because you spend so much time sat down, the office biscuit tin also doesn’t help.

Your levels of discomfort are increasing and you’re worried that you might end up like the older ladies in your office who regularly complain about their hip and knee pain.

Want to look and feel great in time for your holiday?

You’ve got exciting plans – trekking in Peru with your partner - you want to be able to be able to enjoy your holiday, you want to look and feel great.

Know exercise can help, but it’s not worked so far?

You’re worried that nothing can help you. The doctor has given you pain killers and said that you need to do more exercise but you’ve tried and it’s not helping.  You don’t enjoy exercise anyway, so you feel a bit limited.  

Do you want to experience sessions that are about you?

People choose to work with a personal trainer for different reasons.  I help my clients enjoy their training sessions by understanding what it is they don’t enjoy.  This then allows me to create experiences that are a good match for them. 

Sessions are tailored to your needs, built on the findings of the consutation along with your overarching goals.

Do you want to look and feel amazing?

Typically, your body will feel much stronger after 4-6 weeks of regular training, your confidence will also grow, if you want to be holiday ready – in mind and body.  Book your assessment now.

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