Clothes feel a bit snug? Don't like what you see in the mirror? Need some extra motivation to help you firm up for summer?

fit and fabulous

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Want to feel Fit and Fabulous in time for Summer?

Feeling frumpy, lacking confidence, don't like what you see in the mirror? 

What to try an exercise class, but embarrassed and afraid you won't be able to do it?  

Fit and Fabulous is a fun class designed to work your whole body; there are no complicated dance moves, so don't worry if you have two left feet.

The class aims to work you hard, therefore it is only 45 minutes long. What you find hard may not be the same as what the next person finds hard, you work at your level - there is no judgement. What will happen is after a few sessions, you'll find you're able to work harder.

would you like a firmer, more toned body come summer? 

Do you want to look amazing in the dress you have hidden in your wardrobe?

Claim your FREE Fit and Fabulous TASTER CLASS now. 

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New Malden Library Hall  10:30am

Term dates: 16 April - 21 May (closed on bank hols)

Payment by term (£8 per session).   Members can join part way through the term if there is space. Drop in £10.


If you have not attended a session with me before, you will need to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q) before the session.