Training hard but Niggles holding you back? 

You’re an endurance athlete, training several times a week.  Training has been going well, however you feel the wheels are about to fall off.   Your training is becoming more arduous and the discomfort is starting to bother you.

Knee pain? back tension? Tight calves and hamstrings?

You have rubbing on the outside of your knee, your hamstrings feel like they are about to snap, your lower back feels really sore the day after a hard session. You resort to foam rolling but it only provides temporary relief?

Would you like to run faster and longer, pain free?

By building a stronger, more balanced body, you can! 

If the only exercise you do is running, your body will become imbalanced.  The repetitive nature creates muscular imbalances, putting strain on your body, which can lead to injury.

The good news is, by integrating two simple things into your training, you can run faster and longer, pain free.   

1. Sports massage can help relax and loosen off tight muscles, bringing some balance back into the body. 

2. Corrective exercise aims to fix the cause of your problem, building strength where you need it most.

Do you want to enjoy your running, without tension, aches and pains?  

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