I help my clients stay active and pain free by helping them create balance and strength in their body. Massage and /or physical training with me can help you maintain your active lifestyle for many years to come.

Here's what they had to say

Excellent treatment. Very relaxed, tension all gone in legs.

Gordon - Twickenham
Feel great, much less tension around neck and shoulders, much ‘lighter’. Sabrina is very professional and personable; she gives a brilliant massage. I’ve had many massages and felt this was up there in my top 10. Totally exceeded expectations.

Vicky - Weybridge
Sabrina has the ability to identify problem areas and give exercises to help correct them. She gives clear and specific instructions and is very encouraging.

Rachel - Kingston
I had my first sports massage with Sabrina and will definitely be booking more with her. I was wary at first, not believing that much could be done, but after 50 minutes I was amazed at the transformation.
I had been suffering with lower back tension. I found it difficult to sit without pain radiating from my lower back to my pelvis and down my upper legs. Getting in and out of the car was especially difficult, as was bending to pick something up off the floor.
Sabrina quickly assessed what was required and provided immediate relief. She relieved the tightness in my quads and glutes.
Sabrina is a true professional. She listens carefully and always explains what she is going to do and why. I felt completely safe in her hands.
At the end of the session I felt far more relaxed. the pain had reduced dramatically and I felt reenergised. Getting in and out of the car has been easy and I can now bend again to reach the floor. Fantastic!

Jacky O, 58 - Twickenham
I started personal training as I lack self-discipline. I like that the sessions are tailored to me. They have helped manage my aches and pains particularly around my hip and pelvis.

Corina - Kingston
I feel better within myself. I can now move more freely, I can bend and am more flexible than ever. Back and shoulder problems are 100% improved.

Kathy J, 56 - Thames Ditton
Having not exercised for over 12 months, due to knee surgery, I am finding it harder than I thought, however Sabrina is very friendly, professional and encouraging. My biggest gain so far is there’s no longer pain from my knee and ankle.

Nikki, 42 - Ham
Before I started working with Sabrina, my knees were swollen and weak from a previous operation. I was surprised at how quickly things improved. The knee swelling decreased significantly and I am now able to cycle uphill with ease. Sabrina plans different sessions and homework for me each week, which I enjoy and I feel energised after my workout.

Helen C, 50 - Kingston
Before working with Sabrina I found exercise a bit daunting - not really knowing what to do to achieve the results I wanted - but after just a few sessions I already feel much stronger and more confident when it comes to working out on my own. Sabrina really takes the time to personalise the training, trying a range of exercises to see what works best for me and complementing this with advice around nutrition to enable me to get the most out of each workout. She is positive and encouraging which really motivates me to push myself both during each session and in working towards my goals independently. I’ve learnt to enjoy exercise and it makes me happy – I’d happily recommend her services to anyone.

Kiera, 31 - London
It was all about what I really needed and what I wanted to achieve....I went to Greece and I really got involved.

Lynn, 50 - Chessington

It’s really helped me with day to day life, like lifting things around the house and doing the gardening....I have a lot more energy.

Louise, 32 - New Malden

 Cat, 37 - London

Cat, 37 - London

Sabrina is a super supportive, motivating and a very informative PT. She plans my sessions meticulously and has the ability to adjust a workout to suit and meet my requirements. She does not over-load or bombard me with PT chat, instead, keeps me informed with the why and what’s in it for me. I always look forward to my sessions with Sabrina and leave with a smile and HIGH 5!

I have just finished the Great North Run (my first half marathon) and Sabrina developed a fantastic 10 week training programme for me. The plan helped me train in a focused and supported way and consequently I managed to exceed my target time of 1hr 45mins and achieved 1hr 43min. Sabrina is attentive, professional and highly committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. She listens to what you want to achieve – rather than projecting her pre conceived ideas on to you – that means you get a highly personal, tailored programme. She is encouraging and positive – but also fair & firm!

Henry, London