Poor balance?  Loss of strength?  Dodgy knees? 

Being unsteady on your feet can feel unnerving, the good news is balance can be trained. If everyday tasks such as gardening and reaching in high places is starting to feel challenging, now is the time to take action. Building strength into your major muscle groups will help you feel more confident in everything you do. 

A weak body will make you feel older than you are.  The great news is, with the right exercise, you can build your strength and feel energised regardless of your age. 

It's never too late to strengthen your body; it's the best way to help you stay active and pain free.

Fit For Life Beginners class is a gentle exercise class consisting of a selection of specifically selected exercises to improve strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.  

Class members currently range from age 56 - 83.

Want to feel Fit, stronger and move more easily? 

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Mondays 9:35am (50 mins class)

New Malden Library Hall KT3 3LY

Drop in £8 per class.

No Class on Bank Holidays

Wednesdays  9:30am  (60 mins class)

Leander (Kingston) Sea Scouts HQ, KT2 5SL

Access is via Albany Mews, KT2 5SL  

Drop in £10 Per CLASS

Last class before Easter is Wednesday 28 March. Classes resume 18 April.

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If you have not attended a session with me before, you will need to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q) before the session.  You can complete a hard copy on the day if you prefer.