Training with a niggle

Whether you’re new to exercise or doing it for years, niggles are your body’s cue the something is not right. Don’t just hope it will disappear on its own.

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Reoccurring Injury

Returned to training only for previous injuries to resurface?

Fed up, just want to get on with what you enjoy?

Fit after 40

Not as fit as you once were?  Feel older than your age?

Want to feel stronger and more flexible and perhaps lose a bit of weight too?

Want to just get on with your life?

Having a nagging twinge, ache, lack of strength, dodgy knee, whatever you want to call it is frustrating and annoying, especially when it is stopping you doing what you want to do. I totally get it. I’ve been there so I know how it can play games with your mind as well as physically limit you.

I also know how good we are at denying ourselves the help we need because we hope it will just miraculously get better, or we accept that this is just the way it is meant to be, that is why I offer a FREE consultation. An opportunity to discuss the issue and how I can help you resolve it.

Dodgy knee?

Just because you’re getting older does not mean you have to put up with aches and pains. Age does not equal pain. Dodgy knees should not stop you from exercising either. Strengthening muscles around joints can help reduce pain and prevent it from returning.

Train or Treatment in your own home

I provide a mobile service in Kingston and the surrounding areas, meaning you can be trained or treated in the comfort of your own home.

I combine my personal training and massage skills to ensure you get what your need to get you back doing the activities you enjoy, free from aches or pains. I will help you identify the cause of your issues so you can work on preventing any future injury.

Remember, initial consultations are free, so if you are worried or concerned your body isn’t moving as well as it should and want to learn how it could be improved, contact me now. What do you have to lose?

Here’s what my clients say about me

Jackie, 59 Twickenham said "I was in so much pain, I couldn’t bend or twist; I was miserable. After my consultation, the pain lifted, it was like magic. I didn’t think anything could help me and I certainly didn’t think massage could make such a difference."

John, 36 Kingston said “My lower back was really sore, stopping me from running or doing any form of exercise. Within a few minutes, Sabrina released the tightest area in my glutes freeing up my lower back.  I now get regular treatments.”

Raquel, 31 Kingston said “I’d been suffering from frequent headaches.  I booked a taster session as I was curious about deep tissue massage but was scared it would be painful.  It was amazing.  I felt light and relaxed afterwards.”

Steve, 58 Kingston said, “I'd been afraid to do anything as the pulling in my back was always on my mind. Within a few minutes, my lower back felt complete release.  I had no idea my pain could have been relieved this quickly.”

Pain or stiffness preventing you from doing what you want to do? Unable to run because you keep getting injured? Feeling older than your age?

If you feel like your life is on hold and want to take back control, now’s the time.